How to Apply

Please take the time to thoroughly complete the application. If we are missing information, we cannot process your application.

  1. Complete a lease application. To get an application:
    • Click here to download a printable application.
    • Pick one up at the house you would like to rent. They should be in the kitchen area in a clear plastic folder.
    • You can have one faxed to you by calling 1-800-238-7897. When prompted to enter a four digit extension, input 9100. You will be prompted to enter a ten digit fax number where you would like to receive the application.
    • You can have one mailed to you by calling 1-800-238-7897. When you hear the greeting, hit 0 and you will be transferred to our office. We will take your information and mail an application to you.
  2. You can return the application one of three ways:
    • Fax the completed application to 972-852-7900
    • Email it to
    • Mail it to PO Box 940832 Plano, TX 75094

    I highly encourage you to call us to confirm that we received your application. Call 972-881-4739 and we will immediately check for your paperwork. The application fee is $40 per adult that will be occupying the home. Please mail a check payable to Laredo Property Development or use our online payment system . Also include proof of your income with the application: a copy of your most recent paycheck stub or a copy of your previous year’s tax return if you are self-employed.

  4. You will usually be notified of our decision within twenty-four hours of our receipt of your application and application fee. Sometimes it takes slightly longer if we are unable to contact a previous landlord, an employer or a personal reference.
  5. We will prepare a twelve month lease agreement and meet you to review it and sign it. To see an example of our leasing agreement, click here. EACH PERSON SIGNING THE LEASE WILL NEED TO PROVIDE A COPY OF THEIR DRIVERS LICENSES AT THIS TIME. We will also collect the deposit and first month’s rent at this meeting. WE DO NOT–UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES–ALLOW YOU TO OCCUPY THE PROPERTY WITHOUT FULL PAYMENT OF THE DEPOSIT AND FIRST MONTH’S RENT. WE DO NOT ALLOW YOU TO PAYOUT THE DEPOSIT OVER TIME.
  6. You will need to provide proof that you have renters insurance before you move into the property. You can have your agent fax an insurance binder to 972-852-7900. We will need proof that the insurance is paid for one year.
  7. Contact the utility companies and arrange for the utilities to be transferred into your name by the move-in date.
  8. We will meet you at the property on the move-in date. At that time we will provide you with the keys to the property and a Move-in- Condition form. You will have five business days to complete this form and mail it back to us. You use this form to tell us the condition of the property on the day you move in. When you move out, we use this form to see if any damage to the property is attributable to you or if it was a pre-existing condition.

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