Landlords vs Pitbulls

Landlords vs Pitbulls

Most landlords have breeds they won’t take in their properties. We have a whole list of breeds that we cannot take in our homes, including pitbulls and akitas. The decision is actually not left to the individual landlord but insurance companies. Most insurance companies will NOT cover the landlord if one of these “violent” breeds bites someone and that person (the “bitee”) then sues. And it’s not just for rentals…you can even lose your homeowners insurance.

But do these actions actually help the community? According to new research, breed-specific bans don’t help communities in the terms of fatal dog bites OR deterring ownership of banned breeds. This article focuses more on city bans than insurance, but the effect is still the same. It’s next-to-impossible to get a rental with one of these so-called vicious breeds.

Do you think that certain dog breeds should be banned? Or are there good dogs and bad dogs?


Good doggie or auto bad boy?

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