Tenant vs Landlord Responsibility

Tenant vs Landlord Responsibility

Nothing sucks like something breaking in your house. But hark! You are a tenant, and the landlord will fix it for you! But not every repair on a rental property is the responsibility of the landlord. For example:

  1. Landlords do not have to fix items that are cosmetic in nature (paint, carpet, outdated fixtures, etc.)
  2. Damage caused by the tenant (clog in toilet caused by diaper being flushed down toilet)
  3. Provisions in lease may limit repairs on certain items, such as appliances
  4. Tenant responsibilities specifically outlined in the lease (pest control, yard care, etc.)

They DO have to make other repairs that were not caused by the tenant that will harm the health and safety. Like a giant hole in your roof or plumbing leaks.

Think the landlord isn’t fixing something that should be? Don’t be afraid to ask for the chapter and verse, either in your lease or the property code, that states it’s a repair is a tenant responsibility or does not have to be made.


Sometimes items like fridge repair is excluded by the lease

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