What a Landlord is Looking For

When I first meet a client, I have to ask them a lot of questions. Some of the questions can feel a little…personal.  Why do I ask? Because I’m trying to determine if there are any issues I need to be aware of when trying to help you find a property. So to help out, I’ve written down some of the items that landlords and agents look at when trying to qualify a client for a property. So for your personal enjoyment, here are some Tenant Selection Criteria

  • Rental History: Have you been evicted? Do you still owe a previous landlord money? Landlords use rental history to predict how you will treat their house and if you pay your rent.
  • Credit History: Some landlords care a lot about your credit score, some landlord don’t. If you can explain some of your credit issues with a divorce or job loss, you might want to consider writing a letter to present to landlords. Be up front so you don’t waste and application fee.
  • Current Income: It varies from landlord to landlord, but you usually need to make 2.5 – 3 time the amount of rent in income. Be prepared to provide two current paycheck stubs to prove that you qualify. Most people like to see two years of job history. if you are moving from out of town, be prepared with an offer letter.
  • Criminal History: If you have a felony, sex offense, or drug charges, you might want to check with your agent and the landlord that you qualify. Some landlords may be willing to work with you if the charge is old or non-violent.
  • Other: There are other reasons that your application can be declined, be sure to ask your agent or the landlord for specific tenant selection criteria. If there is anything fraudulent found on your application, it is grounds for denial.

Criteria can change from landlord to landlord, from property to property. Want to see and example or know what we’re looking for in a tenant? Click to see our Tenant Selection Criteria.

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