When do I get my deposit back?

When do I get my deposit back?

After moving out, the most important thing to you is getting your deposit back. It seems like your landlord is dragging their feet…what are your rights as a tenant?

Now, we aren’t proclaiming to be real estate lawyers here and your situation may require a knowledgeable attorney, but for the most part a landlord has 30 days to return your deposit. If anything is withheld, they are supposed to give you a written accounting of what was taken out and why. Normal wear and tear is cannot be deducted, but other items (like cleaning) can be deducted. This is where your move-in condition sheet you filled out at move in comes in handy…you can compare the shape your property was in at move in with what the landlord says was deducted. Anything there at move-in should NOT be charged at move-out, unless the item was fixed.

For your part, provide a good forwarding address. Be aware that the landlord may send the deposit via certified mail and have you sign for it for their records.

Please refer to the Texas Property Code, Chapter 92 for more information. A general outline can be found at the Texas Attorney General’s office.


When should I get my deposit back from my rental property?

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